Providing the Best Possible Care for Your Pets

We provide comprehensive medical, surgical, and dental services throughout the entire life of your pet. Schafer Veterinary Clinic is equipped to provide routine preventive care for healthy pets, as well as early detection and treatment of disease as your pet ages. We offer comprehensive medical treatment of your pets as they go though different life stages. We are dedicated to becoming a trusted partner in your pet’s veterinary health care.

Our Services Include:

  • Health & Wellness Care – For geriatric, adult, & pediatric patients including thorough examinations & consultations, immunizations, blood parameter monitoring, urinalysis evaluation, radiology, & ultrasound.
  • Dental Care – Comprehensive oral evaluation, periodontal treatment, digital dental X-Ray, extractions, and bond & seal treatments.
  • Dermatology – Diagnose, manage, & treat skin conditions.
  • Internal Medicine – Diagnose & treat various medical conditions related to the:
    • Endocrine System
    • Kidneys
    • Liver
    • Gastrointestinal tract
    • Cardiopulmonary System (heart and lungs)
  • Oncology – Diagnose, manage, & treat cancer patients.
  • Orthopedic Surgery  – Fracture stabilization, stifle cruciate ligament tear stabilization, patellar luxation correction, hip dislocation replacement etc.
  • Soft Tissue Surgery – Spay, neuter, mass removal, exploratory surgery, splenectomy, stomach & intestinal surgery, laceration & wound repair, eyelid mass removals, “cherry” eye correction etc.

Additional Services:

Health Certificates

If you are taking your pet across state or international borders, a health certificate as well as other documentation may be required. The health certificate must be signed by an accredited veterinarian after examining your pet and determining that he/she is free of infectious diseases and satisfies all import requirements of the receiving state, territory, or country. International travel often requires USDA endorsement of the certificate.